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Taking part in discussions

When you're viewing a lesson or topic, you have the option to initiate or participate in a discussion with the course instructor and other learners. This guide can help you get started:

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    Access a lesson or topic from any course.

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    Scroll down to the end of the content.

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    To the right of the lesson topics, you’ll find the “discussion board” column.

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    Click the text field to type in your comment.

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    Use the toolbar below the text field to apply basic formatting to your comment, if needed.

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    Click the “post comment” button to submit your comment.

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    Your comment will appear below once it’s been submitted.

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    Other learners can respond to your comment by leaving their own comments.

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    To respond to a specific comment, click “reply” below that comment.

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Date Modified - May 15, 2023