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Discovering Courses

Discovering courses on Clever ED is very easy. You can discover courses without an account but to enroll you will need to have an account.

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    To begin, access the courses tab by clicking on “Explore” located on the top navigation menu, followed by selecting the “Courses” option.

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    Courses can be easily explored by filtering through domains, subjects, tracks, and levels listed on the platform.

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    In order to access a complete list of courses available on the platform, simply click on the “All Courses” link located at the bottom left corner of the same tab.

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    Upon clicking on the “All Courses” link, you will be directed to a page where you can view all the courses that are marked as “Public” or “Coming Soon” on Clever ED. It is important to note that any courses that are marked as “Private” will not be visible in this list.

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    To further refine the course listing according to your preferences, you can make use of the search and filter options available on the platform. These features enable you to narrow down the course options to better suit your needs.

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    The search and filter options can also be accessed when searching for a specific course through the home page or menu search function.

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    To ensure that the course is suitable for your needs and interests, simply hover over the course card and click on the “View” button to review its details.

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Date Modified - April 12, 2023